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My Services

I specialise in Public Law and Human Rights as well as providing assistance on a range of other matters.

If I take on your matter I will either undertake it or oversee it personally from start to finish in a way that is strategic, proactive and cost effective.

Human Rights

I can advise you on whether your internationally guaranteed human rights (or those of others) have been violated and possible avenues for redress. If you decide to pursue remedies for any such violation that may have occurred I may also be able to also advise and represent you.

Although Human Rights, such as freedom of expression, are outlined and guaranteed in international law, they are not generally guaranteed in Australian law. Australia does not possess a constitutional bill of rights or national Human Rights Act, which makes upholding human rights much more difficult. Despite this, I have  experience with alternative avenues to uphold human rights  in Australia such as the statutes guaranteeing human rights in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT and international human rights complaints.

Public Law

I can advise you as to whether you have a reasonable chance of success in challenging a decision by a government official or body. If the matter goes forward I can advise and represent you before government decision makers, administrative tribunals and courts.

Anti-Discrimination Law

I can advise you on your rights and your options if you think you have been discriminated against. If such a matter goes ahead I can represent you before anti-discrimination tribunals and courts.

Indigenous Rights

I have experience in Aboriginal land rights, native title and some other areas of indigenous rights acting for indigenous organisations. If you are seeking assistance in relation to such matters contact me and we can discuss whether I might be able to be of assistance.

Other Matters

I also have experience in some aspects of Property Law, such as matters concerning the Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) and illegal occupation of land. If you have such a problem contact me and we can discuss whether I may be of assistance. I am also a registered migration agent and can advise and assist in relation to immigration and refugee matters.


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